What to expect...


This is a very unusual, experiential workshop. It is a woman-focused approach to healing our deepest inner wounds. It will be profound. But, this exploration is not for the faint of heart. Be ready to work, feel and face deep fears with fierce determination.

We will be using several modalities for healing the past wounding that may currently plague us. You may have been suffering over a wound for years. Maybe the wounding is more recent. Either way, this experience will help you to take charge of your own healing. 

We will be using a method of internal inquiry called “mapping.” You will be, bravely, exploring a deeply held belief that has festered over time. For example, you may address abandonment issues, the feeling that you are unloveable, fear of lack, etc.

Then, there will be specific activities that will help to safely process the awarenesses you unleash in the mapping.

Our main work will be using a technique called Ecstatic Body Postures to gain healing around the wound and any painful awarenesses you experience during the workshop. You will use specific postures to enter a trance state somewhat like a shamanic journey. Using sacred postures is an amazing practice that you can use regularly to gain insight, healing and find answers to many questions.