We care about everyone's health and safety.  Since we offer wellness services and classes, we think it is important to let you know what we do to prevent the spread of,  not just this virus, but all contagious diseases .  While we aren't going to be perfect, here are a few things we do...

  • We are canceling all in-person classes, gatherings & treatments.  We will be holding all classes and presentations in an on-line format.
  • We are available for distance healing work.
  • Consultations & coaching can be done via Skype or other on-line platforms.
  • We have added on-line curriculum.   So, you can stay connected to your personal growth path if you do not wish to go out.

When we do get back to business as normal you should know that....

  • Hand washing, hand washing  & hand washing is taken seriously.
  • All surfaces that are frequently touched are sanitized and disinfected at least once daily.
  • The treatment room linens are changed between each client.
  • Hand sanitizers are located in most areas of our building.