We speak the language of nearly any spiritual or non-spiritual belief system that has meaning for you.

The planning involves your choices and preferences in language, structure, and meaning.   

With our help, this ceremony will be your creation.  

The officiant will respect your beliefs and deliver a ceremony in a way that pleases you and your family.

Ceremony Offerings



  • Thank you for considering our practice to provide officiant services.  
  • We are interested in assisting couples who understand that their vows are the most important part of their ceremony.
  • In choosing our expanded options, you will be getting a ceremony based on your belief system and personal needs. 
  • We do perform a basic ceremony for the base officiating cost.  But, if you would like it to be more special and personal we can do that.  

Memorial Services & Funerals


  • When a loved one passes on, you need tenderness, compassion and someone you can trust to say the right things.  
  • Our practice will work with you and your funeral provider to give you the most meaningful farewell you would like for your loved one or yourself.  
  • We specialize in home funerals and graveside services if you do not wish to have the expense of engaging a funeral home to manage your service.

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Coming of Age Ceremonies


  • New baby? Celebrate with a naming ceremony.
  • Are you or a loved one turning 50, 60 or 80? 
  • What about your teenager who needs an age milestone recognized?
  • We will help mark any event of importance with a beautiful celebration.

Home & Property Blessings


We can also create and officiate a ceremony for a new home, property, or other location transition.

Pet Memorials


Pets are very important to many of us.  We will help you transition with a tender and loving ceremony honoring your very real and special relationship with your steadfast animal companion.

Other Ceremonial Needs


Changing jobs, finalizing a divorce, and starting school are all life changes that could be marked as important events.  We can perform ceremonies for just about any event that is meaningful to you.