An Evening with anaoania


What you can expect...

Ever wonder about the existence of God? Have you been seeking your soul's true purpose? Do you have questions about your life, to which no one has the answer? You may find solace in hearing the wisdom of Anaoania. She is a Spirit Guide who channels through an oracle.

On this evening, you will bring your compelling questions. You will receive an answer directly from Spirit through Anaoania's oracle, Teresa.

This is not an event to contact loved ones who have passed. It is a powerful experience that may leave you with solutions to some of your life's most difficult problems and conflicts.

What is an oracle?

An oracle is a shaman who is able to channel a Spirit Guide in order to deliver information from that guide.  

The guide is normally a spirit with whom the oracle has a long term relationship.  Normally the guide has helped the oracle with their own personal struggles and wounding.

The oracle must be a "hollow bone" or clear and open channel.   This means that the shaman must be free of ego and personality during the session.

If connection with the guide is lost, it is the oracle's responsibility to disconnect totally until proper connection can be re-established.